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Tips on Hog Hunting Place in Georgia


Hog hunting is generally very difficult to accomplish, not because you cannot find a hog hunting place in Georgia, but on how to determine the pattern or behavior the feral hogs move. Several areas have already been marked by hunters on the best places to hunt for them, but there are private lands that are owned by whose hobbies fall on the same place. Below are a few guidelines on how feral hogs are being hunted and which places are considered best to hunt for them.

Private lands have no limits and no closed season. The feral hogs can be hunted at night with the use of a light, without any voltage restriction. This is not the same with other properties in which there are closed seasons and restricted guidelines on how many you can hunt, but this is common amongst deer hunting. The light should be affixed on a hat or the helmet, or it can be carried on the person. Some hunters buy belt systems that holds different gadgets to assist them during their needs.

You should use one so that you can secure the light in the belt system. Private lands mostly do not allow hunting from the vehicle, and using baits is not allowed, either. Hunting License resident is needed to be able to hunt for the feral hogs located in this area and the hunter should be 16 years old and older. This is not applicable though for families or hunters that owned the property. They can hunt on their own as long as families are responsible for their actions. For those who are non-residents, they should acquire non-resident hunting license.

sandiego20For hog hunting place in Georgia that is outside of the WMA, such as those the national forest lands, the hogs can be used with archery equipment during the season for deer hunting. Weapons  such as firearms used for deer hunting should be used, including those that are used for hunting turkeys, too. Small game weapons are also included in the list, but they are only allowable during small game season. Feral hogs in these areas can be hunted with dogs along, but these dogs must be trained appropriately.

Some dogs that had minimal training can be brought along, too, but should be accompanied with the right weapon restrictions. You can find a lot of the specialty hunts rules on hog hunting, as you will see the right dog training seasons and its rules. There are no limits to hunting in national forest lands, but no baits are allowed. Requirements for getting a hunting license should be met, too. For this kind of land, hunter orange is highly required during seasons on deer hunting and the ones used for primitive weapons and firearms.

You should also keep in mind on the rules about what are the proper handling of feral hogs once you have reached the hog hunting place in Georgia. It is illegal for you to release any transported or trapped life hogs into the area that is not protected or fenced around in order for these feral hogs not to escape the area. Any of those who are caught to such illegal acts are subjected to revocation of their hunting privileges up to 3 years. Possession and transport of the live hogs are regulated under the Department of Agriculture of Georgia.

If you wish to know more about such rules, contact the aforementioned department or the Animal Industry Division for more information. Keep noted that feral hogs have the tendency to carry diseases that are infectious to humans. To avoid getting infected, wear gloves designed for protection as you do field-dressing on the hogs. Wash your hands with hot water and soap immediately after doing this.